Sunday, July 29, 2012

Shakedown trip, take 2

This time, we camped in Desoto State Park – We really liked this parked!  We were especially pleased that the weather was cooler up there and we were able to sleep with the windows open.  The sites are spacious and the bathrooms amazingly clean and modern.

We rode the Family Loop Trail, with Travis and Abigayle on the Trail-A-Bike.  They successfully conquered tree roots, tight corners, and rocky terrain!  Afterwards, Travis went for a mountain bike ride while Abigayle and Sylvia started homeschool.  As expected, Abigayle is a great student!

We ended the day by riding down to the pool.  Unfortunately, that meant up hill all the way home (not nearly as much fun).

The only downside to this trip was that we had our first operator-error awning mishap, resulting in a tear and some bruised egos.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shakedown trip, take 1.

Our first "shakedown" camping trip was at Tannehill State Park, just west of Birmingham.  They have some nice biking trails, and streams to play in.  It was pretty hot and humid, so we had to run the air pretty much full time while we were in the RV.  Our dinner, as seen below, was pretty elegant.

Important lesson learned from this trip: even though the release valves are closed, always assume something might run out when you remove the cap from the waste water holding tank!