Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Intermission....where to now?

We've left Yellowstone and now we are on our way to....??  Well, we planned on going to Glacier, and that is still a possibility.  But for now, we just need a place to hang out and get caught up on some emails, laundry, phone calls, etc. and figure out our next destination.

Our first "rest stop" was Bozeman, MT, a cool little college town.  We stayed in a nice RV park with all the amenities and very few people.  I managed to get in a couple good rides, the weather was not so cold, and we saw some spectacular sunsets courtesy of the wildfires in the area.

We then headed to Missoula for a couple more days and ended up mostly running errands.  The town was pretty socked-in with wildfire smoke, so not much to see.

A cool, 23-mile point-to-point ride in the mountains outside Bozeman. 
Thanks to McKenzie River Pizza for making an Abigayle friendly pie! 
Sylvia especially loved the beautiful farmland, nestled against the mountains.
Abigayle decorated the table with a "fruit family".  Each one (12 in all) had a name and a place at the table.
After deliberating for close to a week, we've decided we should try and hit Glacier National Park, if only for a couple days.

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