Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Grand Tetons are...well....quite grand!

After leaving Thermopolis, we headed towards the Grand Teton's.  This was supposed to be just a side trip on our way to Yellowstone, but it ended up being on of our favorite places, and certainly one of the most beautiful places we've ever been to.

This was also our first foray into grizzly country, so we were a little timid about hiking (especially since one had been seen in our campground the day before our arrival).  However, we did go kayaking on Lake Jackson against the unbelievable backdrop of the Teton range, and rode our bikes on the paths around the villages.

We also went riding around the town of Wilson, just outside of Jackson, WY.  I rode the mtn bike trails up Teton Pass while Sylvia and Abigalye rode the bike trail in the valley.

I was prepared with my bear spray, and even paid for the fancy bicycle water bottle mount.  Apparently, the mount must be for folks riding on smooth bike paths, because my bear spray flew out and into the tall scrub about 30 seconds into my descent down the Black Canyon trail!  I can just picture the bears laughing at me as I foraged around in the bushes for my bear spray.  I found it, and in my jersey pocket it went.  I proceeded to just ring my bike bell like a madman the rest of the way down.

Meanwhile, Sylvia and Abigayle had their own close encounter, only with a moose.  They were riding along the bike path and Abigayle noticed a moose standing in the stream.  They stopped on the bridge to take a picture of the moose as it was a safe distance away.  Once stopped, however, Sylvia heard a snorting sound from the bushes right next to them.  It turns out, there were two more moose only several feet from where they had stopped.  They both quickly jumped back on their bikes and rode away!

We stayed the night in Jackson that evening and slept with nervous anticipation as we would finally be heading to Yellowstone the next day.

The Wind River Range, on our way to the Grand Tetons.
Wildfire smoke turns day to night, the Tetons in the distance.
Not a bad campsite view!
Kayaking on Lake Jackson.  With the mountains so close, it looked like a giant infinite pool. 
What a view! 
My co-pilot is fading. 
Co-pilot is officially worn out.
Abigayle's first souvenir, her Junior Ranger vest (hat not included). 
A nice sunset walk after dinner (watch for bears!)
A nice spot for lunch. 

Abigayle and one of her favorite animals. 
Our first moose sighting!
Going biking up Teton Pass trails.  Note the bear spray in the seat-tube water bottle cage. 
The view from the top of the climb.  Over 2500 feet of descending to come!
Bear tracks! (ok, they're fake, but still).
Riding the bike path. 
Now that's a dandelion! 
The horse whisperer in action.
The most photographed barn in the.....oh wait, wrong pic
THIS is the most photographed the world!
Earning her first Junior Ranger badge at Grand Teton National Park!


  1. Hi Travis, Sylvia, and I love this blog, So glad you are sharing your journey! What a wonderful experience for all of you especially Abigayle. Travis you are so funny with your narrations and Sylvia you are an excellent photographer. The video of the lone park ranger trying to shoo the herd of elk away with the hand smacking gesture ....priceless!
    I wonder how you like living in the motor home and are you longing for a home without an engine yet?
    Travel safe I will check back with you later.
    Love to All
    Aunt Linda

  2. It only took me 5 tries to decipher and finally type in the correct crazy code that is required to publish!...Lol